SOP Introduction


This “Making Waves Foundation” standard operating procedure (SOP) is aimed at all volunteers participating in on-water programs.

This SOP is a dynamic document that aims to standardise processes and procedures and will be updated and improved upon continuously.

The SOP will facilitate:

  • The safety and enjoyment of all MWF employees/volunteers and clients.
  • Yacht and equipment sustainability.
  • Minimised maintenance costs.
  • Employee/volunteer accountability and up-skilling.

It is the responsibility of ALL employees and volunteers to:

  • Respond to all directions from the person in charge
  • Pursue training.
  • Ensure appropriate competency and its assessment has been obtained for allocated tasks.
  • Always demonstrate an appropriate level of constructive and respectful communication with all employees/volunteers.
  • Engage with clients during and outside programs and take proactive steps to ensure they have a positive experience.
  • Immediately report any equipment that is not functioning correctly.