Rewarding and meaningful engagements

One of the intentions of this year’s Sydney to Hobart campaign was to engage schools in the project. So each crew member was allocated a local school.

A warm connection was made between James Hunter and Dapto High School in Wollongong which resulted in some rewarding and meaningful engagements.

Dapto High School’s Student Representative Council and their teacher co-ordinator leveraged this opportunity to promote inclusion for students in their support unit (for students with autism and co-associated disabilities) and help raise awareness and advocacy for inclusion in a school and wider community. 

They planned and executed a fundraiser to get behind James and the MWF crew on Wednesday December 6. This included having a mufti day where they asked students and staff to wear red and put on music and a BBQ in their main quad where they sold sausages, drinks and zooper dupers to raise funds. 

The school principal and James spoke to over a thousand Dapto High students, thanking them for their support and encouraging those facing their own challenges to strive for what might be possible with positivity and optimism.

One of the many meaningful moments of the day was when a 15-year-old student approached James to talk to him because she was losing her eyesight through the same degenerative disease that James had. They spoke for over 30 minutes, and James was very pleased to contribute in such a significant way on the day and for this student.

Making Waves Foundation James Hunter is an experienced sailor who enjoys racing in the prestigious Sydney Hobart yacht race. With his trusty sailboat, he fearlessly faces the challenges of the vast ocean, driven by his passion