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26. Return

26.1 Facilitate Return

  • Clients should be encouraged to untie fenders and be supported and guided in their correct deployment.
  • Check the wind direction and consider and discuss the implications of docking with your crew
  • Have a crew member at each mooring line point (bow/springs/stern) awaiting instructions from Helm/Skipper
  • Allocate crew member(s) to act as roving fender
  • Allocate crew member to disembark at dock to pass mooring lines as instructed.
  • No other crew member is to disembark the vessel during docking unless instructed by the Skipper.

26.2 Helm Return

  • Check wind direction and understand implications on returning to pen
  • Instruct the disembarking crew member on the order in which the lines should be passed to crew on board (unless you are under instruction)
  • Ensure on board crew are aware of your intended order for mooring lines
  • Instruct bow to check for traffic prior to initiating return to pen
  • Request clients to remain seated and quiet whilst vessel is being returned to the pen

26.3 Mooring Lines and Fenders

  • Fenders should be fastened as they were, and in the positions, they were in, prior to departure
  • Roving fender crew member(s) to provide fending support to avoid contact with obstacles where required during return to pen, particularly on neighbouring boat side
  • Mooring lines to be secured as per vessel instructions

26.4 Pack-Down

Each vessel shall be shut down as per the individual vessel pack-down instructions. It is the responsibility of the 2IC to ensure tasks are completed and signed off to Skipper at the debriefing. See the detailed checklist in Forms.

IMPORTANT: On Kayle, when removing or replacing main sail cover, DO NOT use the spinnaker pole to be able to reach the top zipper. Please use the mast steps.

26.5 Debrief

The Skipper will facilitate a debriefing, prior to departure of any crew member, covering:

Boat Checklist shutdown task completed by 2IC, see Forms.
Debriefingof the session capture/record client’s feedback
Observations improvement
Allocate roles/Skipper for next day if program continues

26.6 Lifting Heavy Equipment

Do not attempt to lift equipment heavier than 20kg on your own (i.e. sails, anchor and etc.). If lifting heavy equipment is needed, please assess whether you are fit to do so and engage the help of at least another person to avoid serious injury.


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