Prevention of Harassment Bullying Discrimination Procedure

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  1. MWF values its representatives and promotes a safe and healthy workplace that

ensures the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect.

  1. In accordance with the principles presented in the MWF Workplace Bullying

Harassment and Discrimination Policy this document provides the procedural steps to be followed in addressing allegations of workplace bullying, harassment,

discrimination, vilification, and sexual harassment.


  1. This document applies to:
  2. all MWF Representatives, participants and guests;
  3. all aspects of employment including recruitment, working conditions and

benefits, training and promotion, leave arrangements and workload;

  1. dealings between other workers, job applicants, participants, guests or

members of the public who interact with MWF representatives whilst on


  1. any location at any time where MWF work is being conducted including on-site (MWF’s office and onboard boats) and off-site (work-related activities

including conferences training sessions and social functions).


  1. If an MWF representative, participant or guest feels that they have been physically, emotionally or psychologically injured, they should not ignore it, rather seeking resolution through the following steps.


  1. If the aggrieved individual(s) feels comfortable doing so, they should

address the issue directly with the person concerned Identifying the

unacceptable BEHAVIOUR; explain that the behaviour is unwelcome

and offensive; and ask that it stop. This is not a compulsory step.

  1. If the aggrieve individual(s) does not feel comfortable directly

confronting the person, or having confronted the person and the

behaviour continues, the aggrieved individual(s) should report the

issue to the MWF representative in charge of the activity.

  1. If the MWF representative in charge of the activity is the alleged

perpetrator, then the matter can be reported to the MWF General

Manager or, in his/her absence, any member of the MWF Board.


– MWF representatives include Board members, managers, employees and volunteers.

– Participants include any individuals and their supervisors registered and involved in MWF events and/or programs.


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