Introduction video for volunteers.

Welcome aboard to the Making Waves Volunteer portal. Please watch the 3-part introduction video, then complete the group courses below.

Making Waves Foundation A group of people with disabilities are silhouetted against a white background.

Understanding Disability

In this presentation, Sarah Houbolt provides guidelines for working effectively with our clients, including best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

Making Waves Foundation A group of people posing for a photo on a sailboat.

Volunteer Induction

This Induction will take you through some of the background and procedures you need to know as one of our volunteers

Making Waves Foundation A group of people on a sailboat deck.

Crew Accreditation

This section is an easy-to-understand breakdown by our Skipper, Wendy Tuck, of how our Crew accreditation systems work.

Making Waves Foundation A man following policies and procedures while working on a sailboat in a marina.

Policies & Procedures

These documents will take you through important policies & procedures you will need to understand when volunteering.

Making Waves Foundation My Dashboard: A young boy smiling on a sailboat.

Working with Children

Yvonne White a special eduction teacher, talks about working with Autism Spectrum Disorder.