Building the foundation of a career
across Australia for at-risk youth.

Our ocean racing yachts are

Big, exciting & safe.

For children living with disabilities, our yachts provide a stable inclusive platform that can accommodate all, including wheelchair users.

For young people who are at risk or disadvantaged

Dream of being so much more.

We put all the sails up for young people at risk or experiencing disadvantage and push the boat to its limits. It’s all about inclusion, pushing the boundaries, teamwork, communication, respect, optimism, overcoming challenges and problem-solving.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Crew Diary

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Day Five

Interview with James

Working with

School Students

We work with students from special needs schools or schools with support units along the Eastern Seaboard. These students benefit most from our programs.

Making Waves Foundation A woman wearing a hat on the steering wheel of a boat.

What Teachers are saying

Teachers truly appreciate the work of our volunteers to help them prepare students to participate more effectively in the community.
Yvonne White, Head Teacher, Special Ed, Dapto High
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‘Each time we attend a Winds of Joy sail, I am amazed at the way the students are able to overcome the challenges they face’
Khym Harris, Head Teacher, Support Unit, Newcastle High
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‘Making Waves Foundation is not merely a good thing, it is essential. It needs to be bottled’.
James Grove, Teacher, Newcastle High School
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‘I can honestly say, this has been the best program I have been involved during my time in education, and I will never forget the impact the program has had on everyone.’
Making Waves Foundation A young boy holding up a poster with a map on it.
What students are saying

“they help me sail the boat”.

Wright of Passage student, James
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‘You will come in not knowing what you want to do, but through the program you can work it out.’
Winds of Change student, Mark
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‘One thing I had learnt about myself is how to communicate with the crew. Also, how to trust. I know the crew will keep us safe.’
Winds of Change student, Jack
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‘Thank you so much for providing me and everyone with a great sailing experience. I have had the best time and learned so much!’
Making Waves Foundation An older man wearing a blue jacket and blue shirt.
Bryan Dorman


"One of the reasons I give to Making Waves is because 85% of every dollar goes directly to the program."


How does 85% go to the program

Well partly because our volunteers run the programs and generous donors support us.

Whether you are an individual, a company, a trust or foundation, you can support Making Waves and help us grow the program.

Over the next year, we will be able to take 5,000 students on life-changing sailing adventures. We want to double that again in the next two years.

We can only do this with support.

Find out how you can partner with us

What volunteers are saying

"I love volunteering at making waves because ..."

Volunteer, Annette Cross.
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‘Making Waves is an organisation that nurtures both the participants and volunteers to achieve things that are beyond their expectation or imagination’
Volunteer, Andre Fucs de Miranda
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It’s a good exercise for the mind, and a good exercise for the spirit.’
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