Welcome Aboard

This game is part of Making Waves Foundation’s sailing programs. It helps students prepare to come sailing with us and is a fun way to explore the nautical environment.

Here are our instructions to play, however feel free to expand the game as you’d like!
  1. To start the game, smooth down the fabric chart on the floor.
  2. Secure a yacht in the circular base. Place the yacht on the chart, X marks the spot.
  3. Place the lighthouse somewhere on the chart.
  4. Select questions suitable for the class.
  5. As a group activity, ask the questions and assist when required.
  6. To extend the game, try using the second yacht for a race, or write your own questions and sail off the chart and into the classroom.


2 x yachts
2 x circular yacht bases
1 x fabric chart
1 x wind arrow
1 x double sided compass rose with sailing directions on other side.
1 x lighthouse
3 x colouring-in sheets (for copying)