Additional skills to be developed by Inshore Skipper

Sailing Knowledge & Seamanship

  • Ensure procedures are followed, and that boat, crew, and passengers are safe
  • Comfortable making decisions
  • Ensure crew is being trained
  • Can plan a route with waypoints on paper and electronically
  • Can plot a position on a paper chart
  • Can fix a position visually

Can troubleshoot minor engine problems such as air in fuel, impellor failure, drive belt failure

Safety and Wellbeing

Have current first aid certificate

Management of Procedures as per MWF SOP

  • Make appropriate decision regarding weather, sail plan and area of operation
  • Make sure procedures are followed as per SOP
  • Make appropriate operation decisions and adjustments based
    on traffic and weather conditions
  • Ensure vessel is handled safely by crew and clients

MWF Program Knowledge and Participation

Debrief crew on learnings in order to improve running
of boat/program