Additional skills to be developed at Crew Level 2

Sailing Knowledge & Seamanship

A desire to be involved

  • Know rules regarding stand on and give way
  • Know lateral marks, cardinal marks and special marks
  • Understand the use of the depth sounder
  • Know how to source tide information and how to use it
  • Know gear positions, neutral, ahead, reverse
  • Can read and report engine revs, oil pressure and temperature


  • Understand action to be taken to recover a man overboard
  • Understand how cold-water shock can affect a casualty in
    the water

Pre-departure boat preparation as per SOP

Check fuel level in the tank

Reefing lines run and snatch blocks in place


  • Release one line, and hand hold the second line
  • Check channel clear, use hand signals
  • Move to a beam bollard to hold the boat and ease or pull the line as asked
  • Release line when instructed by the helm
  • Continue lookout until out of the marina. Use hand signals.

Reefing lines run and snatch blocks in place

  • Remove ramp and stow on dock
  • Remove ‘off side’ stern line
  • Undo and hold dockside stern line over stanchions, pull stern in or out as asked
  • Release as required
  • Connect lifelines at the stern in the correct order

Setting Sail: Mainsail hoist

*with 1reef

  • Open reefing clutches as required
  • *Apply reefing cringle holding until set 
  • Close reefing clutches
  • Tighten leech line as needed
  • *Cleat off reefing line
  • Manage reef cringles, reefing lines and clutches in reefing
  • Deploy lazy jacks after hoist
  • *Put reefing line on another winch
  • *Know the correct order of halyard/cringle and reef
  • *Coordinate with mast re halyard tension
  • *Coordinate with mast re reef tension
  • Ensure backstay tension correct
  • Ensure vang off and mainsheet ready
  • Prepare traveller as required
  • Coordinate with helm and mast
  • Trim as required once the sail is ready
  • Keep boom under control and clients safe

Under Way

  • Trim headsails on all points of sailing
  • Understand the use of sheets, luff tension, car position
  • Show clients correct techniques and winch safety
  •  Trim mainsail on all points of sailing
  • Understand the use of the sheet, traveller, vang, outhaul, luff tension, and cunningham
  • Control the main sheet through a gybe
  • Coordinate with helm and respond to overpowering
Accordion Content

MOB Recovery

Knows and controls both swimmer and casualty halyards

Can grind winch keeping casualty and swimmer together

Return and Pack down

  • Identify mooring lines correctly
  • Correctly attach lines and lead through stanchions
  • Tie off lines to avoid rubbing damage correctly
  • Use soft shackles correctly
  • Install boom sway rope and secure traveller
  • Tie reefing lines tied without shortening
  • Stow snatch blocks
  • Secure jack stays and main halyard correctly
  • De-tension backstay and outhaul
  • Switch off instruments
  • Switch off the main power
  • Plug in shore power and check to charge
  • Replace handheld radio and check to charge
  • Can operate distress flares and EPIRB & know when to use
  • Know when to wake Skipper as per ‘Standing Orders’