Additional skills to be developed at 2IC Level

Sailing Knowledge & Seamanship

  • Gives clear and timely commands
  • Instructs crew
  • Sets the example onboard
  • Proficient in all aspects of crewing and boat operation
  • Understand the use of the depth sounder
  • Know how to source tide information and how to use it
  • Knows how to read a paper and electronic chart
  • Fills out and monitors key information through the ship’s log

Safety and Wellbeing

  • MROCP certificate
  • Able to make VHF call as required

Management of Procedures as per MWF SOP

  • Can manage and assign roles for timely and efficient departure
  • Manages crew to get clients onboard and settled

Can manage crew to hoist/drop sails, adjust the trim, get clients involved, manage the boat through maneuvers

  • Can manage the crew and assign roles for timely return and complete pack down
  • Manages crew to make sure clients disembark safely and
    return equipment


  • Deliver as per orange sheet: history and aims of MWF, safety
  • Outline plan for the day, crew names, set tone for engagement

Insert depth/log transducer

Return and Pack down

  • Command and control of the crew in all positions
  • Determine method of docking and communicate to crew
  • Keep rudder under control in reverse
  • Choose the appropriate pace for conditions
  • Turn into a berth at right time, letting crew alight onto finger
  • Slow and stop the boat
  • If necessary, go forward on stern line to bring bow in
  • Know when to abort and try again

 Remove log and insert plug

  • Supervise return and pack down as per SOP
  • Sign off on checklist
  • Put washboards in, lock boat, stow key

MWF Program Knowledge and Participation

Check-in with the crew for input and suggestions

Understand what to do in case of an emergency or crisis with a client