MWF Crew Levels

MWF has developed its own system for accrediting crew with appropriate recognition of their skills and experience. This system of accreditation is not transferable to other organisations.

Volunteers start as an ‘Inductee’ and must complete an online induction module, on-boat induction and one voyage as a ‘Guest’ before a Skipper signs off on a progression up to Crew Level 1 (CL1). You will be signed on as a CL1 as you then work through the syllabus.

There are three crew-level designations from CL1-CL2-CL3. After several years or previous experience, you can progress to a 2IC, then Skipper.

Only the On Water Operations Manager can sign you off as 2IC, then Skipper. The competencies of each crew level are as follows:

A desire to be involved. Completed Guest sail.

Completed On-Board the Boat Training. Understand a sailing vessel or the project where operational.

Be a competent assistant in some aspects of that program.

Be skilled in all aspects of program delivery and sailing

Be skilled in all aspects of program delivery and be a good leader of staff in that environment.

Have a mastery of program delivery and be an excellent leader of staff in that environment.

You will be given a crew accreditation booklet when you do your on-water training. This booklet is designed as a tool for assessment to promote consistency throughout MWF, and as a detailed list of specific skills in relation to our Standard Operating Procedures.

It serves as a record of your competencies in our programs and should be brought with you on every sail.

Skills Checklist

  • Guest Sail completed